Name Position Phone
Colin Kloot Partner 403.823.4000
André Wilkins Partner 403.823.4000
Bill Herman Consultant 403.823.4000
Jared Goruk Associate 403.823.4000
Michael James Student-at-Law 403.823.4000
Chantel Schinnour Assistant to Colin Kloot 403.823.4000
Kim Kelm Assistant to André Wilkins 403.823.4000
Carolann Burch Assistant to Jared Goruk 403.823.4000
Debbie Scarlett Real Estate Paralegal 403.823.4000
Lori Powell Real Estate Paralegal 403.823.4000
Nadine Gordon Real Estate Team Member 403.823.4000
Devon Lavigne Deceased Estates Administrator 403.823.4000
Shelley Andrus Administrative Manager/Accounting Clerk 403.823.4000
Charlene Young Accounting Clerk 403.823.4000